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Online Therapy


I offer 45-minute and 60-minute virtual sessions.


Establishing a routine with your individual sessions from the comfort of your own living space will occur after all the initial steps are completed. Once they are, you'll simply click the link sent to your email at the scheduled time of your appointment. 


The initial steps go in this order:

1. an initial phone consultation where I will get to know your reason for calling. During that conversation we will determine if I am the best fit. 

2. granted access to your client portal where you will complete paperwork and review policies.  

3. our first meeting (also known as a "biopsychosocial assessment"). This may be anywhere between 60-90 minutes long. 

Everything will be handled virtually and you will simply follow the prompts from the link sent to your email. I will be there to answer any questions you may have about the process. 


Group Therapy


Anxiety Group
This is a 90-minute hybrid process group for anyone who experiences many different variations of anxiety. Members can develop the language to relate to their internal experiences, and gather perspectives relative to their external experiences. Members will be invited to discuss their life experiences, world-views, thoughts, and behavior as it relates to their experience of anxiety. Participants will learn effective coping skills to regulate their mood and nervous system.

Addiction Support Group

Addiction can be viewed along a spectrum of impulsive and compulsive behaviors that are consequential to several domains of a person's life. This is a 90-minute virtual process group specific to this idea. The identification with being an "addict" is not a requirement to enter. Discussions may include: past/present behavior, life events, trauma, exploration of ways to reduce harm, useful skills to incorporate, the healing process, coping with every-day stressors, self-help group values & experiences, clarification of personal values, community resources, and examination of the various functions of addiction. Please inquire for more details and to determine appropriateness for this group.

By inquiry only.

Call 720-663-0103 or email

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