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Online Therapy 

(Virtual Individual and Group Therapy) 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many mental health services have shifted to providing telemental health, otherwise known as online therapy to continue serving the public. While many people experience genuine fulfillment and results from online therapy, it is also not for everyone. A collaborative discussion between you and your therapist can determine the best course of treatment. At Alchemy, we pride ourselves in delivering the same high-quality therapy services online.

Benefits and Motivations

Many people find online therapy beneficial for a variety of reasons and each person is unique in their motivations to seek it. It may be helpful to consider what your own personal motivations are. 

Some motivations of people who seek online therapy include (but are not limited to):

  • Feeling comfort around the idea of engaging in therapy from their own living space.

  • Convenience  

  • General preference; not seeing a difference between in-office, or virtual.

  • Feeling an added layer of safety when electronically connecting versus entering someone else's physical space.

  • Scheduling flexibility; saving time and increasing productivity.

  • Saving money due to not spending money on gas, travel, or putting wear and tear on vehicle.


Online therapy can also pose several unique challenges. Many therapists debate that in-office sessions allow them to have greater awareness of their client's body-language, non-verbal cues, and other important clinical information. From this perspective, one could argue that in-office sessions are the "more valuable" mode of therapy. While research suggests that online therapy is just as effective as in-person therapy, this discussion is a source of on-going debate among helping-professionals. Online therapists who have successfully witnessed the successes of those they have helped feel passionate about helping this way. 

Some other things to consider about online therapy:

  • Not everyone is accustomed to communicating electronically in their everyday lives and may need time to acclimate, both practically and emotionally. 

  • Not having a strong-enough internet connection can prompt feelings of frustration due to lag.

  • Some people may experience privacy issues, such as not having a living situation that can sufficiently support their confidentiality. (Side note: consult with your therapist to ensure your safety and create an action plan when necessary)

  • Therapists often use caution when engaging individuals experiencing suicidal ideation with plan or intent, or other self-harming behaviors, like severe substance use disorders, cutting, burning, binging, purging, or restricting. These behaviors do not, however, disqualify someone from receiving this type of care. Alchemy believes in the importance of honoring these parts of people and exploring them with genuine curiosity, regardless of the platform used to conduct therapy. 

These are just a few things to consider about online therapy. Please note that context matters and an honest discussion with your therapist is encouraged to determine the best approach to treatment. To learn more about this: call 720-663-0103, email, or click here to schedule an initial phone consultation. This will allow your therapist to get a better sense of your needs.

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